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Step up your game with the Silverstep retractable banner stand. Reusable, the Silverstep’s durable canvas lead won’t rip on the first change out or thereafter. Moreover, the canvas lead has a velcro attachment which enables easy graphic change out. Chrome magnetic end caps make for easy-to-access side panels during graphic installation. The end caps also house the tension pin, plus add a finished, professional appearance to the Silverstep base. It’s wide aluminum base and adjustable feet provide stability. Inside the adjustable aluminum pole is a bungee cord to help guide pole set up and keep pole parts together so you won’t ever lose half of your pole.

Only covering about ⅜” of the top of the graphic, the clamp bar is recommended because it’s more stable, perfect for hotter climates, and you probably won’t lose tension, unless you miss a step during change out. The velcro top bar is not ideal for hotter climates as the adhesive may fail by melting off, causing graphics to retract into the base. It is also more susceptible to losing tension by sheer accident; however, the velcro top bar provides a clean look as it doesn’t cover any part of the graphic since the bar is attached on the backside.

24” - 36" - 48" - 60" w Tabletop Hardware Package Includes:

    (1) Silver Retractable Base with End Caps

    (1) Telescopic Support Pole*

    (1) Clamp Top Bar with End Caps

    (1) Silverstep Travel Bag

*We shorten pole height by cutting bungee cord and removing sections


Warranty: Lifetime on hardware

Stand Size 24" Tabletop:  25.5”Wx 3”H x 9.5”D     Shipping Dimensions: (1) box 6”L x 13”W x 29”H     Shipping Weight: 12 lbs

Stand Size 36" Tabletop:  37.5”Wx 3”H x 9.5”D     Shipping Dimensions: (1) box 6”L x 13”W x 31”H     Shipping Weight: 15 lbs

Stand Size 48" Tabletop:  49.5”Wx 3”H x 9.5”D     Shipping Dimensions: (1) box 6”L x 13”W x 53”H     Shipping Weight: 20 lbs

Stand Size 60" Tabletop:  61.5”Wx 3”H x 9.5”D     Shipping Dimensions: (1) box 6”L x 13”W x 64”H     Shipping Weight: 30 lbs

Graphic Height Ranges: 45", 54", 63", 76"

Tabletop 24in Artwork files

Tabletop 36in Artwork files

Tabletop 48in Artwork files

Tabletop 60in Artwork files

Suggested Uses: Retail Stores, Malls, Kiosks, Restaurants, Art Galleries, Grand Openings, Trade Shows, Offices, Showrooms, Etc. 

Hardware Setup: Place the base on the ground, assemble telescopic pole, pull out graphics and affix to pole. Stickers on base and pole help guide banner set up.